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Chafer Beetle traps can help reduce the number of active beetles when they start to emerge during May. Again, these can be purchased online or from garden. It is unclear if trapping adults will reduce the white grub population the following autumn. Researchers are working on more efficient traps which will collect. Chemical Control of Grubs: There are 2 types of chemicals that can be used for grub control: curative products (carbaryl and triclorfon) and preventive products. Dragonfli Chafer Grub Trap - Kill Garden Chafer Beetles Naturally & Effectively ; Breathe easy. Returns accepted. ; This one's trending. 47 have already sold. Agralan Chafer Grub Control Nematodes Large, white grubs that feed on grass roots causing damage to lawns and other grassed areas.

The larvae, or grubs, of several species are common pests of turfgrass. These species include the Japanese beetle, masked chafers (2 species), European chafer. Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes and. These long-life lures are designed to last an entire Chafer Beetle flying season (roughly6 weeks). Adults of both sexes are highly attracted to black-light traps. Masked chafers are in the insect family Scarabaeidae, and like others in this family, are. Chafer grubs found in compost heaps and organic rich soil are often Rose Chafer larvae which do not normally damage plants and are part of the composting. Will Sevin Insecticide Granules kill or control European chafer and its grub worms? Will the Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap work on other pests? What. Chafer Beetle traps help to reduce adult beetle egg laying and give a valuable warning that chafers are present. Monitoring the active life stage of insect. Mr Middelton Chafer Grub larvae can cause serious damage to lawns, killing roots and causing yellowing of the turf, which can start to feel spongy underfoot. In , European chafer grubs were discovered infesting lawns in New West- minster, the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia,. Canada, less than 15 miles. Description Traps should be set cm into the turf to firmly fix the traps use a retention stick and cable tie if required. The yellow fins and attractant. Mature chafer grubs are up to 25 mm long, significantly smaller than mature Ten-lined June beetle grubs, which can be 5 cm long. A microscope is required to.

The trap should be placed in lawn areas in May and hung 25 - 50cm above ground level. One trap will cover up to sq m or half. Chafer grubs: identification, treatment & prevention Chafer grubs are larvae of different beetle species. While some can do a lot of damage, others can be. Product Summary · Hang traps from the start of May until the end of June · Hang traps from a pole or cane at a height between 50cmcm from ground · Place. June Beetle species include Chafer Beetles, Green June Beetles, Japanese Besides using a commercial insecticide, using our Safer Brand® Japanese Beetle Trap. Trap with 1 attractant included to catch adult garden chafer beetles. The trap should be hung in areas of lawn or sports turf at risk of chafer beetle. A rotary trap capable of sampling simultaneously at one location a range of heights has been developed to study the flIght behaviour of Costelytra zealandica . Position an Adult Chafer Beetle Trap from mid-May onwards, to catch the adult beetles as they emerge. Each trap is supplied with 2 x pheromone lures, which s. The optimum time for applying Chafer Grub Killer is when Chafer Grubs are Consider supplementing your treatment by using our Chafer Beetle Trap from July. The chafer beetle trap is supplied with a powerful lure, which attracts adult Chafer Beetles to the trap. The beetles are also attracted by the yellow vanes on.

There are Garden Chafer Pheromone traps that you can buy to trap the adult females before they lay their eggs in your lawn. The only problem is that there could. The Garden Chafer Trap is a simple but effective product that can allow more accurate treatment timings against the larval stage of this destructive pest. What are chafer grubs? A grub is the larval form of an insect. In the case of chafer grubs, it's the stage of the lifecycle of the chafer beetle. The June beetle and southern masked chafer, which emerge from late May (south White grubs Figure-7 Light trap used to collect beetles of many grub species. B-green | Chafer grub nematodes · Chafer damage. Grubs feed on the roots of the lawn, causing it to die. · Fighting grubs. Grubs can easily be controlled with.

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