Nhs Employers Job Profiles

Nhs Employers Job Profiles

Panel members are responsible for matching job descriptions to job profiles, or by applying the evaluation process, implemented by NHS Employers. Page 6. A list of all National Profiles can be accessed on the NHS Employers website at Panels can be undertaken by trained panellists, with. Ask for the profile and matching report that was used to decide the banding of your job. Review the information against your job and NHS JE profiles. Compare the main purpose of the job in the job description with the job statements at the top of a profile. jobs into profiles September Source: NHS. NHS Employers guidance on national job profiles - to provide a framework to check the consistency of local evaluations.

Employers also noted that reviewing current job descriptions/profiles are key in ensuring NHS employers in Scotland in respect of the operation of the AfC Job. NHS jobs and are used to match jobs and establish a pay band. Further info: What-is-a-job-profile ( & National job profiles | NHS · Employers. Advice and information to employers on the implementation of the NHS Job Evaluation Scheme (JE). National Job Profile. National Job Profiles. For a full list. The NHS Job Evaluation Handbook describes how profiles were developed. Copies of individual profiles are available from the NHS. Employers' website (see the. • Trained Job Matchers (Panel members). • Other NHS Organisations. • NHS Employers. J. O. B. D. E. S. C. R. I. P. T. I. O. N. Page 2. 2. JM – Consistency. which do not match to any of the published profiles should be locally evaluated and then referred to NHS employers to consider whether a national profile should. Your job descriptions and pay may be more outdated than ever. Job evaluation is the process of comparing and ranking jobs in an organisation. If you work in the. NHS. Whatever your experience, the NHS has a career for you Here are just a couple of profiles of roles available in the NHS. Copyright © NHS Employers. Similar jobs can be clustered together for matching. Most nursing jobs can be matched to one of the profiles in the nursing suite. These are based on information from NHS job descriptions and additional information such as job questionnaires. Having national job profiles also provides a.

You can find this advice on the NHS employers website in the terms and conditions handbook, annex Guidance on workforce profiling. UNISON has developed. A guide to the difference between job profiles, job labels and job descriptions. Comparing roles to profiles is called 'job matching' and is an important process for deciding the appropriate and fair banding of most jobs. Trained panels of. commensurate with NHS Employers generic job profiles for healthcare scientists Note, the appointment of a Consultant Clinical Scientist may be indicated. These job descriptions have been developed to be used across NHS Wales. All Job Evaluation results are the responsibly of the employing organisation and. Evaluation will be carried out using the NHS Employers (Agenda for Change) Job. Evaluation Scheme. Changes to Existing Roles. If an employee feels their. The NHS Job Evaluation scheme allows the majority of NHS jobs to be matched to nationally evaluated profiles, based on the information within job descriptions. Employers in England and. Wales should also note the contents of Annex 24 of the Agenda for Change Handbook. “Guidance on workforce re-profiling”. Page NHS. The NHS Job Evaluation Handbook is used to enable job evaluation to be completed and can be found on NHS Employers website: The National Job Profiles are used.

The overall aim of Agenda for. Change is to contribute to the work of making the NHS a model employer as well as enabling the NHS job evaluation scheme which. A National Profile is made up of 16 Factors, a panel will score the job by looking for evidence in the Job Description, Person Specification and Effort Factor. The national job profiles used in the matching process are available on the NHS Employers website In the event that a post holder can. The core competences have been sourced from the simplified Knowledge and Skills framework ( Integrated Urgent Care /. The details of the scheme are laid out in the NHS Job Evaluation. Handbook (NHS Employers, ) – which can be found on the NHS Employers website at http.

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